AD Delhaize Zottegem

Langestraat 53
9620 Zottegem

Tel. +32 9 364 44 20

Wijnhandel Seghers Joost

Hoogstraat 49
9620 Zottegem

Tel. +32 9 360 75 28

AD Delhaize Geraardsbergen

Astridlaan 72
9500 Geraardsbergen

Tel. +32 54 41 01 78

Joke's Cosy House

Provincieweg 44
9552 Borsbeke

Tel. +32 496 55 85 95


A local Gin tastes so good!

- Steven Van den Berghe -

Tasty local Gins, nice to surprise your guests 😋

- Niko Claeys -

A TOP gin, clearly brewed 'with love'!

- Toon Troubleyn -

Orchard is my favorite and everyone must have at home! Tasty gin with soft citrus notes.

- Place de l'apéro -

Better than sex!

- Matthias Stevens -

Especially the orchard is recommended. Bought at Delhaize in Wetteren. Recommended

- Olivier Leus -

Refreshing new tastes in an otherwise oversaturated market. Egmont's Garden Gin makes "buying local" a joy.

- Jens De Raedt -

Super tasty, my favorite gin!

- Pieter Van den Berghe -

Bought gin and herbs, not tasted yet but already looks very fancy and delicious. Ordered in the afternoon and the next morning I could already pick it up! Packed securely in a shipping box that was labeled with a sticker with their logo and my name, very personal!

- Michiel Stevens -

I had ordered 3 botanicals & a measuring cup. My parcel was delivered very quickly, 2 days after I placed my order. When I opened my package 1 botanical turned out to be broken (it was packed very well though). I then sent an email. I had an answer within an hour. I could get the money back or they sent a new one (for free). I had chosen a new one and it was delivered again within 2 days. Packed very well again. I am pleasantly surprised by the friendly & fast service! Definitely recommended !!

- Ilke Miseur -

Excellent gin. Ordered on a clear website, great choice, good price / quality ratio and smooth shipping. Keep it up!

- Eric Lammerts van Bueren -

The herb garden gin is one of the tastiest gins we've ever had! Site is clear and package delivered safely packed. Worth repeating.

- Joachim Coppens -

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About us

A real Belgian authentic handcrafted gin.

Egmont's Garden is the result of a gin-enthusiast who wouldn't give up his dream: developing his own authentic and handcrafted gin that was not only very tasty but also has a socially responsible character and is affordable for everyone! 

After almost a full year of tasting till perfection, two top notch gins, Herb Garden and The Orchard, were born! One year later, a third softer gin was added: Pink Pasture.

The production is all done in the original, authentic way: all botanicals used in the gins are leaves, roots, peals or seeds and are macerated in a mixture of water and alcohol.We make the gins in small batches in a copper pot still which we filter afterwards to purify from rests of ethereal oils for optimal quality. 

With our very good ratio between the price and the quality we offer, we try to offer our gin tasters a drinking-gin that they want to share with their company with pleasure, and not just another gin that is placed in the cupboard as an expensive souvenir, to gather dust there! 

For every gin sold, we donate a part of the profit to charity; namely the preservation of nature reserves and their fauna and flora in and around Zottegem!

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