About us

Egmont's Garden is the product of a gin-enthusiast who wouldn't let go of his ideas (read: dream).

For ten years now he had been playing with the idea of developing his own gin that was not only very tasty, but could also be sold at a good price, and which also had a socially responsible character! Not an easy task, and that is why the effective development took several years.

After a fruitless attempt with a (too) commercial distiller, the gin enthusiast became acquainted (at a gin-related event, of course) with an amateur distiller and also gin-enthusiast, who went along with the story with great pleasure and enthusiasm. After almost two years of distilling, tasting and perfecting; we are situated at the end of 2017; two top notch gins were born, of which both gents agreed upon that this product had everything they were looking for! Only the name was missing! Since the gin-enthusiast lived in the ‘Egmont city’, Zottegem, and 2018 was the Egmont year in which the beheading of this tragic count was commemorated, the name actually came to present itself. The pieces of the puzzle fell together and the "Herb Garden gin" and "The Orchard gin" became the two varieties of Egmont's Garden! Due to the great success and a growing demand from the mainly female gin lovers for softer gins, a year later the "Pink Pasture gin" was released, which combines the same style of its predecessors with a softer character!

With our very good ratio between our price and the quality we offer, we try to offer our gin tasters a drinking-gin that they want to share with their company with pleasure, and not just another gin that is placed in the cupboard as expensive souvenir, to catch dust there!
For every gin sold, a portion of the profit will go to charity; namely the preservation of nature reserves and their fauna and flora in and around Zottegem!
This gin is handcrafted and distilled in small batches in original copper pot stills for optimal quality.

Taste it once and it will become your new favourite gin!