About us

A real Belgian authentic handcrafted gin, the result of a gin-enthusiast who wouldn't let go of his dream:

For ten years (now) I had been playing with the idea of developing my own gin. A gin that was not only very tasty but that also has a socially responsible character and is affordable for everyone! Not an easy task, and that is why the development took so long…

Finding the right partner to develop the taste and quality I was looking for and who also went along with this story, might even be as complex as developing the gin itself. 

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, I started a collaboration / or I started to collaborate with the Victorian Cocktail Garden in Vlierzele, distilling and tasting till perfection, yes, sometimes till… 

Egmonts garden gin about us over ons joren van de sompel en steven de backer

You get the picture… After almost a full year, two top notch gins were born!

The knowledge of which botanicals to macerate together, of which ones to infuse individually, of controlling the temperature of the copper pot still and of cutting the distillate at the right moment, these make the skills to be a master distiller!

The production process started somewhere at the end of 2017, and it is still done in the artisanal way, in small batches. The only ingredients used in the gins are herbs, leaves, roots, peals, flowers or seeds that are macerated in a mixture of water and alcohol. 

The gins are filtered afterwards to purify from rests of ethereal oils for optimal quality.

So, having made two exceptional gins, there was only one problem: the gins didn't have a name yet! Since I live in the ‘Egmont city’, Zottegem, and 2018 was the Egmont year in which the beheading of this tragic count was commemorated, the name actually came to present itself.

The pieces of the puzzle fell together and the "Herb Garden gin" and "The Orchard gin" became the two varieties of Egmont's Garden! Due to the great success and a growing demand from the mainly female gin lovers for softer gins, a year later the "Pink Pasture gin" was released. It combines the same style of its predecessors with a softer character!

With the very good ratio between the price and the quality we present our gin tasters a drinking-gin that they want to share with their company with pleasure, and not just another gin that is placed in the cupboard as an expensive souvenir, to gather dust there! 

For every gin sold, we donate a part of our profit to charity; namely the preservation of nature reserves and their fauna and flora in and around Zottegem!

Taste it once and it will become your new favourite gin!

We love our products, of course, as do you! That is why we do our utmost to get your package to you in perfect condition. And since these are rather delicate things, botanicals and gin in glass bottles, our beautiful glasses, ... that means a lot of bubble wrap and very good packaging! And it pays off, because so far we've only had one little accident on all our shipments! So you can rest assured that your package will arrive in perfect condition!