Discover our premium spirits! Egmont's Garden has 3 gins: a spicy gin with many herbs (Herb Garden), a floral and fruity gin with fresh citrus notes (The Orchard) and a fruity and floral gin with soft citrus notes (Pink Pasture). These Belgian quality gins are handcrafted in original copper stills in small batches for optimal quality control in one of Belgium's oldest distilleries, with many references to Zottegem and the Flemish Ardennes.

In addition to our gins, we also have two genevers! Our old genever is distilled according to old Flemish tradition, and is moreover 'dubbel gebeid', meaning that it is distilled on double the amount of juniper berries, which guarantees a finer taste and smoother drink! Our lemon genever, also distilled according to old Flemish tradition, should be served cold for maximum taste! Cheers!